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Sports is Your Passion.
Show the World.
No Winners. Just Opinions.
Express Yours.

Love to talk and debate sports topics? Challenge sports fans of all ages, across the nation and around the world, with your own topics, or respond to others, as only you can!

Whether you call it sports debating, sports talk, sports conversation, or sports discussion, our goal is to be the best sports debate app available for Android and iPhone.

Debate topics will cover sports history, sports issues. controversial sports topics,  and some of the biggest debates in sports.

Be compelling. Be opinionated. But, mostly have fun! No winners; debate for pride, because debating sports is your passion.

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Preview of app as it might appear on a mobile phone.

Did a friend share a debate with you?  Just download the app, then go back to your friend’s link, and you’ll be directed to the debate he/she shared with you!

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