Why is Sports Debatable the Best Sports App for Android or the Best Sports App for iPhone?
We think it will be the best mobile sports app, but for sports debate and discussion. We are different from a sports news app, or a sports app with scores and highlights.
What can I do after downloading the Sports Debatable Mobile App?
Join the sports conversation and participate in great sports discussion. Here’s what you can do:

• Search for debates to respond to
• Reply to other debaters
• React to responses with unique sports-related emojis
• Start your own sports debate topic
• Save debates that you like
• Get notified when debate topics cover favorite teams or major cities
• And much more.

What kind of sports debates are there in the app?
All kinds, and can easily be sorted and filtered.

• By Sports: Football, Baseball, Basketball. Hockey, Boxing, Other
• By Category: Professional, College, General
• By Your Favorite Teams
• By Your Favorite Sports Cities

Topics and spots conversations cover sports history, sports rules, players, teams, rules, current topics, and more.

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