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Springfield, PA— September 29, 2019 —

If you’re a passionate sports fan, you love to debate sports. You do it when out with your friends, with family, at work, or on various broad social networks.  However, there’s no app that attempts to solve the problem of providing a platform that’s pure sports debate.  Enter Sports Debatable.

Paul Mosenson, a marketing consultant based outside of Philadelphia, has been an avid sports fan for 50 years. Not much of an athlete growing up, he became one of those sports junkies at a young age. Knowing there wasn’t a sole debate app or social network that discussed just on sports debate and discussion, he entered the app business in Fall 2018.

Certainly, Reddit has sports topics, but Reddit is not a sports app.  There are many apps on sports news and topics, that include user comments, but “journalist articles-user comments” are not debates. There also have been attempts in the past to build sports social networks, but none have become mainstream. Mosenson felt there was real opportunity to jump in and create something special. More importantly, while many sites and apps target younger audiences or the betting audience, Sports Debatable does not. “We want users who know who players and teams from sports history as well as current; our primary target is male 40+” says Mosenson.  Of course, secondary audiences are all sports fans.

Key features of Sports Debatable are topic categorization, separating current categories and historical categories.  “Current topics are timely but won’t last long”, says Mosenson. “Historical topics have legs and will always be debate-worthy.”  Another key feature is personalized notifications based on favorite teams or major cities. No matter where you are in the USA, you can get notified when a debate starts with your favorite teams and cities.  Other features are a robust search function, start debate options, and a comprehensive notification system. Says Mosenson, “as the app builds, there will be more debaters, and then an even better user experience. Early users will need to be patient but will be reminded to share the app with their friends.”

Sports Debatable is available both on Google Play and the App Store from the website, Sports Debatable.  It was developed by SemperCon. SportsDebatable LLC is founded by Paul Mosenson.


For more information:

Paul Mosenson, (215) 315-7780




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